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Fees and Refunds

Brite Institute offers both government subsidised and fee-for-service (non- government subsidised) training places.

What are the fees and charges for courses in 2017?

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What is the difference between Government subsidised and fee-for-service training places?

Government subsidised training places attract a subsidy from the government that pays for part of your training fees (tuition fees). You must meet set criteria to be eligible for a government subsidy and provide acceptable evidence to support this.

After the government has paid the subsidy there are 3 remaining fees that you may be responsible for paying:

  • Tuition fee –(this is the remaining part of your tuition fee that is not covered by the government subsidy). This is charged as an amount (eg. $0.20) per nominal hour of the course you are enrolled in. A number of factors can affect the calculation including – the year you commence, the number of hours you are enrolling in, whether you have been granted credit transfers, the calendar year training commences in and your eligibility for a concession, fee waiver or fee exemption.

If you are eligible for a fee concession then you will only be required to pay 20% of this fee (see below for eligibility requirements)

  • Amenities fee - is a set fee. This fee is collected and expended for the sole purpose of providing facilities, services or activities of direct benefit to our students. It includes use of photocopier, notebook and internet access and consumables such as tea and coffee. Brite Institute may remove or reduce amenities fees as it sees fit.
  • Training Materials/Textbook fee - Training materials/textbooks are required for most courses and students are able to purchase these directly from suppliers (Brite Institute can provide supplier details at enrolment). For students not wishing to purchase training materials/textbooks, Brite Institute will charge a non-refundable loan fee for the use of its training materials/textbooks throughout the course.


GST is charged where applicable.

Fee-for-service training places are for students who do not meet the eligibility requirements of any government subsidy or fee concession.  A fee is calculated for a training place in each accredited course. Fee payment plans are available for fee-for-service students.

Brite Institute levies fees and charges in accordance with the Department of Education and Training fees and charges guidelines.  Please refer to for further details. Fees and charges are also applied in a manner that upholds the principles of access and equity.

What are the eligibility requirements for a government subsidised training place?

In 2017 you are eligible for a Victorian government-subsidised training place if you:

Meet one of the following citizen/residency status categories:

  • Australian citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa); or
  • New Zealand citizen

And are any of the following:

  • Under 20 years of age
  • Seeking to enrol in a Foundation Skills course (contact Brite Institute for details of Foundation Skills Courses)
  • Seeking to enrol in nationally recognised training as an apprenticeship
  • 20 years and older and 'upskilling' by seeking to enrol in a course at a higher level than your existing qualification


  • You haven't begun and are not enrolled to begin two or more other government-subsidised courses this calendar year. (This means that you can start no more than two government-subsidised courses in this calendar year)
  • You are not already doing two or more other government-subsidised courses. (This means that you can do no more than two government-subsidised courses at one time).
  • You have not commenced two government subsidised courses at the same level in your lifetime (for example, at Certificate III level)
  • You have not commenced two government subsidised accredited courses with the title ‘Course in…’ in your lifetime.

Brite Institute's obligation to you, to provide information regarding fees

Individual student's fees may vary because a student's tuition fee is affected by a number of factors including; the year a student is enrolling, the number of hours they are enrolling in, whether the student has been granted credit transfers, and whether they are eligible for a concession, fee waiver or fee exemption.

Brite Institute is committed to helping students understand how their fees are calculated and providing information that can help students minimise the fees they are required to pay. This information includes:

  • An itemised list of what you will have to pay
  • A choice of where to buy any equipment or materials you need
  • Details of when materials will be needed during the course, to help you plan and budget  your material and equipment purchases
  • Details of the any concessions or funding you may be eligible for and the evidence you will need to have to support this eligibility; and
  • Details of our refund policy

Who is eligible for a fee concession? 

Concessions on tuition fees for government subsidised training places are available to people in the following groups:

What fees do Indigenous students pay?

Under the Indigenous Completions Initiative, Indigenous students will pay only the concession tuition fee in each course category.

What will your training cost if you are a Job Seeker?

If you are a Job Seeker and referred through a Job Job Active (JA) Provider, and you are eligible for a fee concession (see above), you will pay 20% of our non-concession, standard tuition fee. Your JA provider will be invoiced for the remaining 80% of your tuition fee, and they will be responsible for payment of this cost. 

The cost for materials and amenities fees (this is in addition to your tuition fees) is your responsibility but you should contact your JA provider to discuss any assistance they may be able to provide with payment of the 20% tuition fee and the materials and amenities fees.

If you are a Job Seeker referred through a JA provider, but you are not eligible for a fee concession, then you will be responsible for the non-concession standard tuition fee. You should contact your JA provider to discuss any assistance they may be able to provide with payment of your tuition fees.

If you are a Job Seeker and you do not have a JA provider, then you may still meet the eligibility criteria for a government subsidised training place and any concession requirements. Please contact Brite Institute (p:9481 6422) to discuss.

What is a Fee Waiver/Exemption?

Specific fee waivers/exemptions may apply to government subsidised courses. For example, prisoners from the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre and young people required to undertake a course of study pursuant to a community based order are not charged a tuition fee.

Please contact Brite Administration (p: 9481 6422) to determine if you are eligible for a fee waiver or exemption.

What happens in situations where a student is experiencing difficulty paying fees?

Fees and payment options are discussed at enrolment. Students are provided with an itemised list of all fees at enrolment and a payment plan is also developed at this time. Students unable to make payments on agreed dates must contact Brite Administration to discuss and apply for a fee extension.  Failure to do so may result in the commencement of training being deferred.

What happens in situations of extreme hardship?

A person who is able to demonstrate extreme hardship may apply for a fee exemption or concession on the tuition fee and/or the amenities fee.  "Extreme Hardship" is not defined specifically, but the phrase indicates that the circumstances are exceptional. Reasons for the exemption or concession must be documented on the application.

What other charges apply?

Requests for re-prints of Certificates or Statements of Attainment will be charged $30.00 each.

What happens if there are unpaid fees?

A  Certificate or Statement of Attainment will not be issued until all outstanding fees have been paid.

What are the fee payment options?

Payment can be made via cash, cheque, money order, credit card (in person & over the phone), EFTPOS or by direct credit into Brite Institute's bank account.

If an employer or third party is paying student fees, written authorisation from that party must be provided.  Employers or third parties will not be invoiced without a letter of authority.

What happens to fees paid in advance?

Brite Institute does not accept tuition fees from students in advance. Any materials and/or amenities fees accepted by students at enrolment or prior to the first day of training shall not exceed $1000.

Brite Institute will refund fees paid in advance without penalty should a course be cancelled or a student not commence.

Fees paid for students who discontinue training within four weeks of enrolment may be refunded less an administration fee (charged as a percentage of the overall fees) and less the cost of any materials provided.

Fees paid for students who withdraw from a training program more than four weeks after enrolment will not be refunded.

What is the refund policy?

Requests for refunds must be in writing and submitted to Brite Institute's Training Administration Officer.  Requests for refunds generally take 28 days to be processed.  Refunds are not issued in cash.

Course Level

Reason for refund

Refund Amount

1 - 4

Student has decided to withdraw from course within 4 weeks after the scheduled course commencement date.

Brite Institute will refund the tuition fees (less 20%), any applicable amenities and unissued materials (if applicable).

If less than 20% of the invoiced tuition fee has been paid, then this amount will be withheld.

Any amenities fees paid and unissued materials fees paid will be refunded.

Student has decided to withdraw from course after 4 weeks from the scheduled course commencement date.

No refund is available for tuition fees or amenities fees. Fees pertaining to unissued materials (if applicable) will be refunded. 

Student stops attending classes without formally withdrawing from a course.

No fee refund will be given.

Brite Institute cancels a course.

A full refund of all payments will be made for ANY course cancelled by Brite Institute.

Fees will not be refunded until:

  • a written request for refund has been submitted to Brite Institute's Executive Officer,
  • there is official notification from the party who paid the fees, that the student has withdrawn from the training program; AND
  • the students withdrawal from the training program can be confirmed by Brite Institute