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Brite Institute is committed to providing a fair and impartial appeal and complaint resolution processes.

Brite Institute’s Managers. Trainers and staff are always happy to assist you. If you have a situation you are concerned about, we would encourage you to approach your trainer, another staff member or the Executive Officer in the first instance. We will try to resolve the issue in this informal manner.

If you are not happy with this approach, or the outcome of this informal approach, or if you feel strongly that you would like to make a more formal complaint, then we encourage you to follow the formal process. Please follow the formal Student Complaints and Appeals Process  or contact the Assistant RTO Manager (03 9481 6422) who will assist you and explain the process.

Appeals against an assessment decision

Appeals against an assessment decision, must be resolved through the formal procedure only. This process is included in the Student Complaints and Appeals Process.

The first step of the formal process is the lodgement of the appeal in writing by completing a Brite Institute Assessment Appeals Form (F5047). Please contact the Assistant RTO Manager to access this form.

An appeal against an assessment decision must be made within 10 days of the decision being made by the Assessor, or the date you became aware of the decision (whichever is the latter).