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Blister Manufacture

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BritePak is a contract packing specialist that also manufactures blisters. We process most thermoformable materials. Our machine plate sizes range from 500mm x 500mm to 305mm x 405mm for the Pressure Former and 780mm x 550mm to 340mm x 570mm for the Vacuum Former.britepak6.jpg

We have a basic tooling range of Blisters that you can choose from or we can assist in the design of your requirement.

We also can fill and Heat Seal your blisters onto a varnished card which effectively seals the product which is then ready for display and sale.

If you require help with the card and layout we will be pleased to assist.

Telephone: 9309 5111
Facsimile:  9302 2921


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.